The Bridge of Reason

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The bridge of reason is an inquiry into the foundation of all things. The purpose of the bridge is to increase a universal understanding of the foundation of existence.

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You exist.
It is puzzling that anything exists.

If X includes everything, then X has no outside explanation.

How can anything--of any size, shape, or number--have no outside explanation?
To solve the puzzle of unexplained existence, we need a foundation.

The foundation has no outside explanation because it is self-sufficient by its nature.
The foundation is eternal because it has a self-sufficient nature.

All power flows from the foundation.
A self-sufficient foundation cannot have arbitary limits or boundaries.

The foundation's actuality is pure and complete.
The foundation of all is the foundation of minds.

The foundation of all is the foundation of the material world.

In the material world, complex creatures emerge...

The foundation of all is the foundation of the moral landscape.

The foundation's nature is the ultimate standard.

The foundation has a mathematical nature.

Mathematical principles exist at the foundation of everything.

Reason is the foundation's Light.

Principles of reason exist in the nature of the foundation.

The greatest possible value exists in the foundation...

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